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Electronic exhibitions of furniture, wedding and building products

The electronic exhibitions OLA TA EPIPLA, OLA TOU SPITIOY and OLA TOU GAMOU provide the consumers an easy way to find furniture, wedding and building products from all shops. At the same time, they familiarize retailers with the Internet by providing economic advertising alternatives.

The inspiration for the electronic exhibitions OLA TA EPIPLA, OLA TOU SPITIOY and OLA TOU GAMOU started in the National Technical University of Athens in 2005 by two graduates of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Interview on Star Channel

We talked on the evening news of Star Channel.

Interview on SBC Business Channel

We talked live on the SBC Business Channel.

Interview on newspaper

We were interviewed by newspaper Sunday Vima.


Invited talks in seminars for web entrepreneurs and e-startups

Ομιλίες σε σεμινάρια Ομιλίες σε σεμινάρια Ομιλίες σε σεμινάρια

Presence in exhibition halls

We participate in exhibitions of furniture, wedding and building products where we advertise our services to thousands of customers.



Discount packages

We suggest the following discount packages:

Package 1: 500€/year
20 photos
Banner in three product categories

Package 2: 1000€/year
30 photos
Banner or panel of icons in all pages

Package 3: 1400€/year
30 photos
Suggested product in the first page

Package 4: 1800€/year
30 photos
Suggested product in the first page
Panel of icons on top

Detailed price list

If the discount packages do not satisfy your needs, you can follow the detailed price list presented below.

Product photos
10 photos: 180€/year
20 photos: 320€/year
30 photos: 420€/year

In three product categories: 280€/year
In the first page and three product categories: 520€/year
In all pages: 780€/year

Panel of icons
Panel of icons on top of all pages: 600€/year

Suggested products in the first page
6-month advertisement: 880€
12-month advertisement: 1240€


500,000 visitors per year

Our electronic exhibitions are advertised in web sites and portals, and they appear in the first results of Google for various queries, e.g. "επιπλα", "είδη γάμου", etc. Thus they attract thousands of visitors every year, according to the reliable statistics of Google Analytics.


25,000 visitors will show interest to your company

Any company advertised on our electronic exhibitions draws thousands of visitors every year. For example, the company MPUROS from Thessaloniki drew within a year more than 10,000 people which viewed their products and contact information. In addition, more than 12,000 people were attracted by the distinct views (first page, panel icon) and ended up in the company's website.


Comparison with other popular advertising methods

Our prices are extremelly low if you consider the outcome. Assume that you want to invest 500 euro in advertisement:

1. Investing 500 euro in OlaTaEpipla.gr for one year, you will attract more than 4000 visitors in your webpage and more than 3000 people will see your shop details (according to the statistics of company Casa con Stile).

2. Investing 500 euro in a search engine (Ads), you buy only 2500 visitors in your webpage (0,20$ per click).

3. Investing 500 euro in a magazine, you cannot not have a full advertisement and it is unlikely that 7000 people will see your webpage or visit your shops.